FRP or Poly Carbonate Skylight Sheet are widely viewed as a desirable feature for building that has human occupation during daylight hour. It is used to achieve the twin goals of even light distribution & solar control.

The FRP or Poly Carbonate Skylight Sheet are used extensively in factories, warehouses, generator room, manufacturing units.

Our FRP or Poly Carbonate Skylight sheet is generally replacing glass, toughened glass and polyethylene membrane in many fields such as agriculture, industry, public buildings. It is a perfect combination of lightweight, high impact strength, light transmission, frame-resistance, UV protection, anti-drop as well as charming appearance.


  • Light Weight- Easy and fast installation, minimum load on building
  • High Strength- Greater lengths, reduced number of supports, and thin sections, reduces breakages throughout transportation and erection
  • Durability – less maintenance, never rots, or corrodes
  • Choice of color/texture – Available in desired shade with a variety of surface finishes