Sanitizing Tunnel(Disinfectant Tunnel)
In this pandemic situation of COVID-19 Government og India is taking all the measures to overcome this problem and protect all its citizens. This sanitization tunnel is just an initiative to help ourselves to with it. This tunnel will be built to sanitize the people at the entrance of social gathering places such as offices, malls, schools, temples, community centers,etc. This tunnel will be both manual as well as automatic operated.

Working Principle
It will be automated with entry and exit sensors. Once a person enters the tunnel the sensor will trigger and mist will be sprayed for 15 seconds and then it will be deactivated, on an average it will sanitize 3 persons per minute.

Build Material
MS-steel, storage tank, pipelining, control panel, acrylic sheets ,etc.

Sanitizing Tunnel Manufacturer
Sanitizing Tunnel
PEB Sanitizing Tunnel

Technical Specifications

  • Size w=4′ x L=5′ x H=7′ Built from MS(Iron and Steel) and painted.
  • Upto 15 Sprinklers and required pipeline with pressure pump
  • Will provide upto 200 liters Plastic tank over head tank for Sanitizer Storage.
  • Automatic Start Stop of motor by sensors.
  • Customization will be available as per demand.
  • Sanitizing Agent in Client Scope.
  • Installation at site
Fully Automatic Sanitizing Tunnel
Economical Sanitizing Tunnel
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